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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Money Saving Tips & Recipes for the Frugal Homemaker by Emma Buckley


Living a frugal life isn’t easy. In fact, it’s easier to spend money than worry about the future at least for awhile, but through constant diligence and creativity from all the members of the family, it can be possible. To help you achieve a frugal lifestyle, this eBook will share some tips on how to start adapting such lifestyle.

Money Saving Tips & Recipes for the Frugal Homemaker covers the following topics and more:

- Reasons Why You Should Live Frugally
- How to Save Money with Energy Efficient Appliances
- Frugal Grocery Shopping Tips
- Ways to Save Money by Growing Your Own Food
- Best Frugal Meals and Money-Saving Recipes
- Choosing Affordable Snacks & Desserts
- Save More with Frugal Tips for Babies
- How to Spend Less on Your Kid's Toys
- The Fastest & Cheapest Ways to Clean Your Home
- Save Money by Learning Basic DIY Home Maintenance


Considering the fact that this book was written by an amateur, it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  It looked like she actually paid for editing services.  Thank you, Ms. Buckley.  It was full of good tips on how to save money on everything from energy to appliances to groceries and home-made, biodegradable cleaning supplies.  My only gripe is that the recipes in the book did not contain lists of ingredients and the amounts needed, just the instructions for combining ingredients and cooking times.  I’m sure if I know a recipe that includes a cup of this and half-cup of that feeds four, I can halve it to feed two or double it for a dinner party of eight—or freeze the left-overs.  Just how much corn did I need in that chowder recipe?

Otherwise, it’s well-constructed for a quick read, with attractive illustrations.  I hadn’t planned to read it until I finished a couple other books in queue, but I received an advanced review copy which opened when I downloaded it, and I read it in a little more than an hour last night before I even saved it to my desktop.  Thanks again for the tips, Ms. Buckley.  Not a bad little book.  I recommend it.

Length:  62 Pages
Price:  $0.99

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