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Roses & Thorns

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Betrayed by David Van Zummeren

Another blink, another stab of pain. Cameron Matthews is not prepared to handle the betrayal. One death after another leaves him not trusting anyone on his team. Desperate to find answers, Cameron spins a web of deception in hopes of capturing The Ghost and the traitor before anyone else is Betrayed.

Cameron chases The Ghost around the world, including the Cayman Islands and Japan in hopes of saving innocent lives and the career of Japan’s Prime Minister. The Ghost and the traitor inside Cameron’s team have been one step ahead of him, and it has cost many people their lives.

Throwing all caution to the wayside, Cameron mounts a last ditch effort to stop The Ghost and the traitor. What will the cost be to succeed?


Betrayed kept me reading, but I found the ending depressing and disappointing. I can’t say anymore without spoiling it. Suffice to say, it left plenty of room for sequels, and cliff-hangers are among my pet peeves. I often figure out who did it half way through the book. In this case, the author hit me over the head with it, yet Cameron, the hero didn't figure it out until the very end. I spent half the book screaming at him to wake up and realize with whom he was dealing when he had a photo of the culprit in front of him, and more than ample evidence as to who the mole was. And again, there was the depressing ending. I like to feel good when I finish a book, but I was really upset at the end of this one. Yes, the cost of Cameron's success was way too high.

Length:  329 Pages
Price:  $5.99

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