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Roses & Thorns

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Listener by Terri Blackstock


Something strange happened to Sam Bennett this morning.

One minute he was sleeping peacefully. Then he was having the strangest dream. And now-Sam is hearing things. Voices, from people all around him.

The waitress in the coffee shop. The elevator operator in Sam's office building. His wife, his secretary, even his pastor. Sam now has insight into people's hearts. He hears their deepest needs just by being near them.

But what can one listener do for a world of souls in need of help?


The Listener by Terri Blackstock is a somewhat simplistic tale of one man’s approach to his own need to share his inner belief system. It’s not an unpleasant read, but also not very satisfying.  I found it to be redundant for the most part, and acutely shallow for the seriousness of the subject.  I also felt the cover was deceptive as it described the book as a “classic” and a “bestseller.”  This book was released in 2000; it cannot be considered a “classic” as it has not been deemed to have a recognized and established value over a period of time.  I also discovered this particular book is not a bestseller. The author does have a New York Times bestseller, but it is not this book. Being disappointed with The Listener, I cannot recommend it.

Length:  176 Pages

Price Print:  $15.99
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