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Roses & Thorns

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lies and Paine by Cyrus Keith


Jenna Paine doesn’t know how “special” she really is. Raised by her scientist mother and a Japanese tutor named Mama-San, her special abilities go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of her schoolwork and training. However, other eyes are watching as well, from behind a veil of secrets. And they have plans for someone with precisely Jenna’s talents.

In college, she meets a group of people who introduce her to a new vision for world peace, and a way to realize it.

But when the cost for peace is measured in blood, can Jenna get out before it’s too late?

Review by Rochelle Weber:

Okay, I admit it. I’m a fan of Cyrus Keith. When I first saw the cover of The NADIA Project (which was brilliantly done by Delilah Stephens who did the covers for my own Moon Rock series, Rock Bound and Rock Crazy), I knew I had to read that book. The NADIA Project did, indeed, live up to Delilah’s wonderful cover, as did the sequels Unalive and Critical Mass. Somehow I missed it when the prequel, Lies and Paine, came out. But I’ve now read it, and it only disappointed me in one aspect. It ends with the first line of The NADIA Project, making it a cliffhanger ending—one of my pet peeves.

Otherwise, Mr. Keith continues to amaze me with his ability to write from a woman’s and now a little girl’s point of view. The book opens with the funeral of Jenna’s beloved Daddy. On the way home from the funeral, her mommy informs her that things will change. Jenna should now call her mommy Mother. When Jenna falls into a deep depression, missing the affection her parents used to show her, a lady named Mama-San comes to live with them, and teaches her fun things like tae kwon do and other martial arts. The book follows Jenna’s growth and the reports on her development—because she’s not a normal child. She’s enhanced. She’s a project. And if she doesn’t fulfill the purpose for which she was created, she will be terminated.

There’s one more problem with Lies and Paine. At 126 pages, it’s way too short. It left me wanting more. Goodness I wish I had time to read the rest of the series again! Start with Lies and Paine. You’ll be hooked.

And if you’re going to be anywhere near Louisville the weekend of September 11-13, stop into the Imaginarium at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near the airport. You can meet both Mr. Keith and me at the MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. booth.

Length:  126 Pages
Digital Price:  $4.50

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