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Sunday, January 24, 2016

An Invisible Client by Victor Methos


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.
For high-powered personal injury attorney Noah Byron, the good things in life come with a price tag—cars, houses, women. That’s why he represents only cases that come with the possibility of a nice cut of the action. But as a favor to his ex-wife, he meets with the mother of twelve-year-old Joel, a boy poisoned by tainted children’s medicine. While the official story is that a psycho tampered with bottles, the boy’s mother believes something much more sinister is at work…and the trail leads right back to the pharmaceutical company.
As Noah digs deeper into the case, he quickly finds himself up against a powerful corporation that will protect itself at any cost. He also befriends young Joel and breaks the number one rule of personal injury law: don’t make it personal. Faced with the most menacing of opponents and the most vulnerable of clients, Noah is determined to discover the truth and win justice for Joel—even if it means losing everything else.

About the Author:

Victor Methos is a former prosecutor and is currently a criminal defense attorney in the Mountain West. He is the author of over forty books and several short story and poetry collections.

After completing his undergraduate education at the University of Utah, Mr. Methos abandoned pursuing a doctorate in philosophy for law school. A partner at a law firm he helped found, he has conducted over 100 criminal trials and has been voted one of the most respected criminal lawyers in the West by Utah Business Magazine.

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and having lived throughout the world before settling in the United States, Mr. Methos loves experiencing new cultures and peoples. His current goal is climbing the Seven Summits, and hopefully not dying in the process.

Review by Rochelle:

I can’t quite believe I burned through 254 pages of An Invisible Client in less than twenty-four hours, during which I got about five hours of sleep interrupted by bathroom breaks and phone calls. It was riveting.

Coming from a background of poverty and abuse, Noah Byron is all about money and the power it brings. He studied law because it was lucrative and took almost as many marketing as law courses. He freely admits he’s an ambulance chaser, but he only accepts cases he can win with at least a six-figure payout—for him and his firm. So why does he take the case of Joel, a twelve year-old boy poisoned by tainted cough medicine? He looks into as a favor to his ex-wife, planning to meet with the CEO of the pharmaceutical firm, get an apology and hear him say, “We’re doing all we can to find the psycho who tainted that medicine.” Then he can turn down the case and call his ex-wife to tell her he looked into it. But he’s met not by the CEO, but the CEO, the company’s attorney, and a full phalanx of attorney’s from his law firm. Noah decides there might actually be a case there.

Then he breaks his own rule number one. He meets Joel and finds himself becoming more and more attached, even sleeping at the hospital. From there, he does whatever it takes to bring the pharmaceutical company to justice—including turning down seven-figure offers to settle with the usual non-disclosure agreements attached, and telling his partners to back-off when they raise concerns about how much the case is costing. No gag orders for Joel or his mom. It’s no longer about the money.

Needless to say, An Invisible Client was an engaging, fast-paced book that sucked me in on page-one and kept me reading. The characters were well-drawn and Noah’s transformation crept up on him, causing him to dig into layers of his own psyche he’d long buried. Ya know, I didn’t even notice if there were any editing glitches. How refreshing—a self-published book that’s really well done.

Don’t start reading An Invisible Client if you have any appointments or plans. You won’t be able to put it down, either.

Heat Rating:  PG-13
Length:  254 Pages
Print:  $11.99
Digital:  $3.99
Audio MP3:  $9.99

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