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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe


Cassie Angel is used to taking care of herself. With a spirit of adventure, and a need to stay out of harm's way, she departs a dying Nevada town for the golden opportunities that await in California--along with a new life. When charming Sam Ridgeway shows up, claiming to know her uncle, and offers her protection in her travels, she has no idea there is an ulterior motive involved.

Review by Donna Hechler Porter:

I am trying to read and find new authors since I have read through all my favorites. Caroline Fyffe is another that I can now add to my list of writers. Sourdough Creek, one of her stand-alones and apparently one of her first novels, brings us the story of young and orphaned Cassie Angel, who is desperate to head to California to open a bakery so she can improve her life and that of her younger sister. Sam Ridgeway is a man who needs to get back something stolen from him, something that could change his future forever. Unfortunately, Cassie unknowingly has what he needs. As the two join forces to leave their small town and head west, both find that goals are not as important as people and family.

This book was an enjoyable read. It doesn’t have characters that will “stay with me” for a long time after I read, and certainly not forever.  It was rather formulaic in its plot points and characterizations, but the plot is tightly woven and the characters jump from the page. Cassie’s desperation to better her life is understandable.  Her long term goal is clear from the beginning, and her spunk is endearing. Sam, in typical hero fashion, wants one thing at the beginning, but as he sets aside his own desires and determines to woo Cassie, he ends up wanting something much more at the end. Cassie’s uncle, the villain in this case, is truly a wretch, and Fyffe’s portrayal of an ever-suffering Cassie willing to believe in the man rings true. Even the cat has a personality all its own.

The middle does sag at one point about 1/3 of the way through the book, but the story then picks up again and pulls you all the way to the end. I was also a bit confused as to Cassie’s real age. I thought she was much younger than she must have actually been, which was a bit strange. Fyffe’s prose is well-done and enjoyable to read.

All in all a great read for a weekend, and I have definitely added another author to my list! 4 roses for sure!

Length: 363 pages
Print: $11.44
Digital: $3.99

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