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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Captain’s Story: Book One, by Marie Cheryl Eddings


Doctor Robert Thomas Temple is a man of many parts. Born into poverty and violence, he works his way out of an urban combat zone to build personal prosperity. Finishing university as an engineer and inventor, he goes to war in Vietnam as an Air Force Lieutenant and intelligence analyst. He soon becomes known to grunts in the bush as “one scary dude” for his sniper skills and the speed of his martial arts movements. More than one Viet Cong partisan will have reason to call him “the Tall Assassin” in their own language.

Starting at an early age, Bob becomes a man who loves women—and more than one of them loves him. Lessons learned from his first intimate teacher will draw many to his bed, for good or ill. One ex-wife hates him, though her mother would happily give him references. His business partners call him “Colonel” or “Doctor,” but to the women who live with him he is “The Captain”... and they'll be more than happy to sail or serve under him.

Now, another young woman wants to enter the Captain's life. Having fallen for one of his lady lovers, Marie decides that if she's to be with Desiree, then she'd better meet the man who Desiree goes home to and adores. When Desiree and her co-mistress Renate propose to add an eighteen year-old Library Science major to the Captain's stable of eager mares, he lays down the law: Marie must first research and write his biography—without their help. She needs to know him as a person and a friend in all of his many parts, before playing bedtime games. “Sex with strangers may sound like thrills...but more often than not, it's a lonely business.”

The person who Marie discovers in her research and shared time will become one of her “life teachers,” shaping the person she becomes as an adult, even as she falls in love again. She will learn many things from the Captain and his women—and from others for whom she cares.

Set against a turbulent backdrop of fifty years, The Captain's Story is a journey through war and remembrance, love and loss, and learning the oldest lesson: “The more we love, the more we can love.”

The Captain's Story is intended for mature audiences.

Review by Julie Grimm:

I was asked by the author to give an honest review of this book. Thinking it was erotica, I was waiting to get to that part and realized I would be waiting a very long time for that to happen! This is actually a war story with quite a lot of erotica in it. I felt like the Captain’s erotic relationships unnecessarily lengthened the book.

I almost stopped reading it because the beginning was difficult to read due to the changing points of view and the air quotes. I found the numerous air quotes used by the author disconcerting, and I stumbled on them every time because they were not needed for the reader to understand what was being said.

I mostly enjoyed The Captain’s Story when his life starts being told from a narration point of view. Robert Temple, aka The Captain, was encouraged to read books by the school librarian, the junk yard guy gave him the opportunity to learn about electronics, and an older lady taught him about sex. The copious amounts of knowledge he gleaned in a short amount of time served him well as he began his career in the military and served in the Vietnam War.

It seemed to me that the war terminology was very precise and accurate, and the story from that point is very well written and the editing well done.

Length: 773 Pages
Digital: $2.99

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