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Roses & Thorns

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Unmasking by Adrianna Kraft


Whose mask will crumble first—the enigmatic professor of Celtic Studies, the undercover cop masquerading as a co-ed, or the campus stalker, biding his time to strike again?

Is anthropology professor Matt Bayfield the Blackthorn College rapist, or a potential ally? Aloof and unapproachable, Matt has academic ambitions. He can’t escape Blackthorn College soon enough, and he doesn’t want any entanglements to slow his exit.

Nancy Appleby would like nothing more than to solve the string of campus rape cases before Thanksgiving so she can go home. The last thing she wants is a relationship to complicate her life—but she’ll settle for a fling, especially when the sex sizzles.

The stalker has his own carefully crafted timetable, with a special date just for Nancy. Can Matt and Nancy force him out of his hidey-hole before it’s too late?


So halfway through The Unmasking, I had it narrowed down to one of two with maybe a long-shot third possible suspects, and this husband/wife author team still managed to surprise me with the identity of the perpetrator. That takes talent. I did find myself yelling at the book that the murders were taking place on the Pagan holidays well before anyone in the book figured it out, but if I weren’t Pagan I probably wouldn’t have noticed before the authors told me.

There was a bit much sex in this book for me, but some like it hot. That’s a matter of taste, and mine runs more toward sweet than spicy. At least it never got in the way of the plot. All together, a good read.

Length:  402 Pages
Print:  $14.13
Digital:  $2.99

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