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Roses & Thorns

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Clouded by M. S. Kaye


A Sumerian water and sky god myth collides with a modern high school.

Ayanna is a math nerd, logical and rational, even cold, but Calder makes her feel things she never had before. Somehow, she’s able to accept it when she discovers he’s a reincarnated Sumerian water god. Will she be able to accept the full truth, that the story of Enki and Inanna has been reborn in a modern Ohio high school?

About the Author:

M.S. Kaye has multiple published books and awards under her Black Belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, FL, where she does her best not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at

Review by Rochelle:

Okay, I admit I’m a fan of Ms. Kaye. I haven’t reviewed many of her books, because for the past couple of years I’ve been her editor. Sadly, our publisher has closed, so I am no longer in that position. Someone else gets to read and barely tweak Ms. Kaye’s books.

The good news is that now I can review them, and they’re all masterpieces. The characters are deeply drawn, and the pace moves right along. Images aren’t just vivid, Ms. Kaye’s descriptions are downright poetic. The Sunshine State is wasted on an author who loves the rain and conveys its moods and music in ways that even a person who hides from thunder storms can appreciate and enjoy.

Clouded is a young adult/new adult book, in which the Sumerian water god Enki and sky Goddess Inana are reincarnated and reunited in a small town Ohio high school. Calder realizes he’s Enki and he knows he’s found his Inana when he meets Ayanna. She can accept that he’s Enki, but has more difficulty accepting her own divinity. She only knows she’s in love with Calder.

Don’t let the YA/NA genre throw you. By all means, buy Clouded for your teenaged kids or grandkids. But read it yourself, too. I’m almost sixty-five and I loved it. I highly recommend Clouded for young people of all ages.

Author Website:
Heat Rating:  PG
Length:  261 Pages
Digital Price:  $2.99

Thanks for visiting. Donna, Julie, & Rochelle

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