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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man By Mark Kurlansky

While working as a fur trapper in Labrador, Canada, Clarence Birdseye encountered an age-old problem: bad food and an unappealing, unhealthy diet. However, he observed that fresh vegetables wetted and left outside in the Arctic winds froze in a way that maintained their integrity after thawing. As a result, he developed his patented Birdseye freezing process and started the company that still bears his name. Birdseye forever changed the way we preserve, store, and distribute food, and the way we eat. Mark Kurlansky’s vibrant and affectionate narrative reveals Clarence Birdseye as a quintessential “can-do” American inventor—his other patents include an electric sunlamp, a harpoon gun to tag finback whales, and an improved incandescent lightbulb—and shows how the greatest of changes can come from the simplest of ideas and the unlikeliest of places.


Birdseye:The Adventures of a Curious Man by Mark Kurlansky is the fascinating biography of the brilliant, yet modest, nineteeth century man whose name we know for frozen vegetables. Green peas are but a very small part of the story behind this intricate character. Clarence (Bob) Birdseye was a born “foodie” long before being so was a popular pastime in America. Although he had no college degree, he was a man of abundant intelligence and endless curiosity. He was an inventor, entrepreneur, and naturalist. He patented over 300 inventions—many not related to the food industry, such as the reflective lamp that is still in use today. Birdseye was very articulate and persuasive. He was a man of high expectations, who was a leader in helping to establish regulations for quality and safety through high food standards. He became one of the world’s most famous and respected personalities. At one time, people everywhere were interested in the “next idea out of his kitchen or basement.”

I totally enjoyed reading about this kind, adventurous, and very likeable person who became a national and international figure. His own words sum him up best: “I am never bored because I am always prying into something which fascinates me.” I highly recommend this book to all!

Length:  251 Pages
Print:  $15.95
Digital:  $11.99

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