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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Once and Again By M.S. Kaye


On her deathbed, Aiden’s mother asks him to find his father, who had left them and disappeared thirteen years ago, shortly after Aiden’s brother died. While searching the roughest area of Baltimore, Aiden meets Maylynn. After eight years of seminary and one year of priesthood, Aiden had thought he was capable of seeing beautiful women in only a platonic way. But Maylynn proves to be too difficult.

Seven years later, Maylynn shows up on Father Aiden’s doorstep for a premarital counseling session with her fiancĂ©. Aiden soon realizes something is wrong, more than just his constant struggle against his attraction—Maylynn and her fiancĂ©, Davis, are hiding something from him.


I like this author! M.S. Kaye writes a lovely romance novel once again. Once and Again has the right balance of mystery and romance with intriguing twists. Kaye’s characters are the strength of her writing. I am able to get deep inside her characters through her detailed descriptions and vibrant interaction. Her writing develops interest in each character as an individual, and then interweaves their lives to create a strong and appealing plot. I enjoyed this novel and I recommend it highly.

Length:  74 Pages
Digital Price:  $3.50
Buy Link:  

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