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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mom, I’m Telling On You! by V. Kevin Martin


Most moms are calm, petite, soft-spoken, easygoing, tame, sane. Not my mom! She just HAD to be different! LaJoyce Martin is an accomplished author, renowned inspirational speaker and a totally unique person. She is not normal... and normal things do not happen to her! For the first time, friends and readers alike can get an inside view of the Martin house, featuring Sis LaJoyce and her "frantic antics." Join this mother and master of the unexpected as she runs from tornadoes, dodges mice, entreats angels and lives life to its fullest. This endearing, funny, poignant tale is authored by her son, Kevin Martin, who for once in his life...gets to tell on his mother!

Review by Rose Thornton:

Summer is a good time for light and fun reads—but Mom, I’m Telling On You! is not one I can recommend. It had great potential; who doesn’t want to read the intricate tattle-tales of a child on his mother? The story seeds were interesting and could have been quite amusing in my estimation. However, the writing was dry; it lacked creativity. The recounting could certainly have benefitted from more colorful and detailed descriptions. Unfortunately, this one just did not make my ‘good reads’ list!

Length: 139 Pages
Print Price: $11.99
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