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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

100 Ways to Happiness: A Guide for Busy People by Dr. Timothy J. Sharp


A Hundred Ways to Happiness makes positive psychology, the newest branch of psychology, available to the general public through bite-sized chunks of inspiration and instruction. 100 chapters guide the everyman through strategies incorporating their body, mind, relationships, habits and outlook to maximize well-being and happiness. Dr Tim Sharp, a leading clinical psychologist and media personality, takes away the scientific stigma of self-help texts and makes happiness available to everyone, particularly those short on time who can simply dip into the book when they need a lift.


100 Ways to Happiness is a so-so self-help book, and I would not recommend it. Dr. Sharp, whom the author info in the book itself states has a masters degree, apparently uses the title of ‘doctor’ and possibly with every right, but unbeknownst to me. I always check out the author first, and this particular detail was my first indication this book was not what I expected it to be, whether this was a result of misinformation or not.

Sharp is somewhat repetitive in his attempt to encourage various paths to happiness. Although there was little new in it for me, it did re-enforce my established thoughts on how important it is to act positively, de-clutter one’s life, sort problems, deny denial, etc. The one appealing idea in it for me was to create a “happy hour” everyday for myself. This I like in theory. However, as much as I like this idea, I don’t believe one can create happiness on demand for an hour. If one is able to do this, then there is no reason one cannot transition it into a happy day, happy life. Happiness is a way of being that requires more a mind-set of selection than creation. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” This is the way I believe happiness works for the most part on a daily basis, although certainly at times tragic events skew all attempts for happiness. This is not necessarily a negative component of life as one might question if it is even possible to appreciate happiness to the fullest extent if emotions counter to happiness are never experienced.

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