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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jefferson on Freedom by Thomas Jefferson


Thomas Jefferson is most famous for the writing of the Declaration of Independence, which espouses the general principles of freedom and democracies that Americans hold dear. Now, collected here for the first time, is this historical American document, as well as several of his other famous writings. Included in this book are excerpts from his only full-length book, Notes on the State of Virginia, letters to Samual Kercheval and Edward Carrington on liberal democracy and freedom, and an exchange with Danbury Baptists regarding the right to religious freedom to his manual on parliamentary policy. Jefferson provides excellent and timeless quotes on attaining freedom and living a democratic life.


A great book with the words of a great American, Jefferson on Freedom is a solid reminder of how freedom was formed and framed in the early days of the United States. Tommy Jeff (as he was known to friends) held a strong, unshakable belief in the good sense of the public as the best governing force to be had, and his ability to state this clearly and simply was impressive. While I enjoyed this book for its historical aspect, primarily I found it to be a very interesting glimpse into the mind and character of Thomas Jefferson. He always included a thorough basis for his views on various topics, which gave me a vital background for each element of the Declaration of Independence. I will recommend this book for greater understanding of all that underlies our freedom and liberty.

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