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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Strong As Death by M.S. Kaye


Ilona runs from her sheltering mother in order to find the truth, why she’s seeing people who are invisible to everyone else. A mysterious boy named Archer guides her through Brooklyn and introduces her to Hendrick, the man who claims to be her father—though he died in 1890. Ilona must discover not only what she must do to rid the city of Soll, a sadistic and powerful spirit, but also what it means to be half ghost. She proves what her mother told her—love is stronger than death.


This author starts us out with vivid descriptive action. It is good vs. evil in the ethereal world with haunting; ghosts, spirits, and even an element of schizophrenia…spirits which also interact in the physical world. Strong as Death is a well written novel, intriguing from beginning to end. I did find the ending to be slightly odd fitting with a relatively minor character quite suddenly joined to a major character. However, overall this book was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it highly.

Length:  180 Pages
Digital Price:  $4.99
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