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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Victim of Love by Christa Maurice


What happens when wasting time becomes finding forever?

Rick Lincoln, bassist for SendDown, was just looking for something to occupy himself during recording when he spotted Tara on the beach. By the way she was waving off hopefuls, she wasn’t a hooker. And based on the book in her hands, she spoke English. Two points in her favor between sessions in Brazil.

Tara Feingold just wanted to warm up on break from her teaching job in Chile. Rick was very warm. Hot even. It just kept getting hotter when he took her back to the house where the band was staying, and the other members decided they needed to scare her off with debauchery.

Review by Rochelle Weber:

SendDown’s manager decides to record their album in Brazil in deference to drummer Alan’s latest round of treatment for drugs and alcohol, thinking it best to get him away from his connections in LA. In no time, the rest of the band fills their rented house/studio with booze and Brazilian hookers. While taking a break from the chaos, bassist Rick Lincoln notices Tara Feingold reading on the beach. Pretty and sexy, she’s waving men away—obviously not another hooker. And when he walks past her, he sees the book she’s reading is in English. She must be a tourist. During sex, she’d probably scream in English, not Portuguese. Now he has to have her.

Tara’s a school teacher who was burned by her ex. She doesn’t do one-night stands, and she’s only on a ten-day vacation. She’s locked into a year-long contract at a school in Chile. This is neither the time nor the place to begin a relationship. All she wants to do is sit in the sun and warm up until she returns to her un-heated Chilean school. Until she meets Rick. Suddenly, all of her rules go out the window, and she finds herself doing things with Rick and his friends she’s never done before. When she returns to Chile, Rick promises to visit her there, but she worries he won’t like the real Tara. She didn’t really enjoy the kinky things she did in Brazil to please him. She wants a normal life with one man, a home, and children. How could a star like Rick ever settle for that?

I know how expensive editing is. That’s why I don’t self-pub. I suppose I’m hyper-critical, but I find grammar errors really distracting, especially since I went to school when they still taught grammar, not “language arts.” I’m not sure what “language arts” are, but they certainly do not prepare people for either writing or editing. Victim of Love has a pretty good plot, and it kept me reading. It moved along nicely and had plenty of hot sex scenes for those who enjoy erotica.

Length:  103 Pages
Digital Price:  $2.99

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