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Roses & Thorns

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spent: The Emotional and Financial Journey of Laici the Mouse by Brenda Lenz


This is a story about Laici, who is trapped in the rat race of middle class American life. The tale tells how she freed herself from the monsters who were stealing her time and money.


Spent: The Emotional and Financial Journey of Laici the Mouse is a light and interesting little book that I could closely relate to my richest dreams—it is about the need for a chocolate lifestyle.  My first thought upon starting this book by Brenda Lenz was that I may learn how to make my dreams come true. However, by the time I had finished reading it, I realized that I already do live the chocolate lifestyle; I have the dream life in many ways.

Laici the mouse is transformed into Laici the woman, and then into Laici the goddess.  Here’s the basic trek that brings her to her fullest self, one who can enjoy the chocolates of life as she learns to create her own destiny:

  • Teach children to take care of themselves so they become fully actualized humans
  • Teach husband to participate in ALL areas of family life
  • Understand that relationships are more important than possessions
  • Simplify and de-clutter all that does not contribute to fulfillment or health

This book was a good affirmation of the appropriate priorities in life.  It was also a fun read, one that I recommend.

Length:  108 Pages

Print Price:  $21.88

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