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Sunday, August 16, 2015

See You in the Morning by A. T. Weaver


Jake wonders if he'll ever find a long-term, loving relationship like his parents have. After all, same-sex marriage is just a pipe-dream.

Then he meets Dave. From the first kiss, they know they belong together. For over fifty years they're together, living their happily ever after in spite of bigotry.

They raise four wonderful children, always counting on the promise they give each other every night—"see you in the morning."

Review by Rochelle:

I stopped reviewing gay books awhile ago, because I’m not fond of erotica and I really don’t like BDS&M regardless of the gender of the participants. It seemed to me that was all I found in so-called gay romance. But when I read the blurb and excerpt for See You in the Morning while I was putting together the Marketing for Romance Writers’ Newsletter, it sounded different. It sounded like a real romance.

And that’s exactly what See You in the Morning is—an old-fashioned, sweet romance. Jake and Dave meet in a bar, decide it’s too noisy, and go out for pizza. They sit talking late into the night and exchange phone numbers. Jake’s amazed when Dave calls him that night and asks him to go hiking the next day. Before he hangs up, he says, “See you in the morning.” After that, they’re practically inseparable and they never part or go to sleep without saying, “See you in the morning.”

Jake’s family is open-minded, loving, and accepting. His uncle is gay and has been with one partner for years. Dave’s amazed at his welcome. Not five minutes inside the door the first time, Jake’s dad has him on a ladder placing the angel atop the family Christmas tree, and in the morning there are gifts from the family as well as Jake.

The story is told in flashbacks as Jake goes through family photos after Dave’s funeral. I smiled, frowned, laughed and cried as I sat with Jake while he reminisced about their fifty-plus-year life together, and the wonderful love they shared with each other, Jake’s family, and eventually, their children. Whether you’re a fan of gay books or not, I highly recommend See You in the Morning. It’s inspirational.

Length:  338 Pages
Print:  $18.27
Digital:  $5.99

Thanks for visiting. Julie, Donna, & Rochelle

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