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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Broken and Damaged Love by T. L. Clarke


My name is Tina and this is my story.

In the fullness of time I have gone from victim to survivor of child abuse, but it was hard work getting there.

I am fortunate; I found good friends who helped me on my journey.

Read how my life was turned from one of horror to one of happiness.

Author’s note: This is a stand-alone work of fiction. It is a survivor story followed by a romance. It is different from my other books.

Without the darkness there is no light. So we go through the horrendous start to get to the happy ending. Tina eventually finds some lovely friends who have their own stories to tell.

I have written this to offer hope to survivors of child abuse, and to help inform the general public of the signs to watch out for. There is so much help out there; you can overcome your bad experiences.

Because it is for a good cause, this book will permanently be sold for 99c/99p (or equivalent in other currencies).

*My proceeds from the first month of Broken & Damaged Love’s sales will be donated to HAVOCA* **THIS WILL NOW BE EXTENDED; ALL MY PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK UNTIL THE END OF 2015 WILL BE DONATED TO HAVOCA**

***Please note that due to the theme of child abuse and sexually explicit scenes, this book is recommended for readers of 18+***

I have named the chapters, so if you’re sensitive to certain bits/have triggers you should at least have a warning and the option to avoid the parts you really can’t face yet.

About the Author:


I'm an indie author of romance novels. Each of my books is stand alone, so don't worry about reading them in any particular order. Just choose a theme which appeals to you. I'm writing about love from lots of different angles.

I have a full time job, so my writing can only happen in my little leisure time. Fortunately, I have a very supportive loving husband who ensures I'm still fed.

I really, truly appreciate every review that I get, so please do comment once you've read my work.

Review by Rochelle:

Broken and Damaged Love is, indeed, a serious book about serious subjects. It delves into the mind of a pedophile, his wife, and his victim. Tina’s abuse starts when she’s quite small and her mother works nights leaving her home alone with her father, who turns to her for the comfort and relief he’s not receiving from his wife. Of course, Tina doesn’t realize there’s anything wrong with the attention she receives from her father until her teacher starts explaining sex in Health class in school. That’s when she finally asks if it’s wrong for a child to do those things with an adult. The teacher realizes Tina must be asking the question because she’s a victim of sex abuse and whisks her down to the principal’s office.

That’s when the real nightmare begins. The saying “Ignorance is bliss” unfortunately is true in some cases. Tina’s classmates call her names; she has to face her father in court and testify against him. Her mother blames her for his ensuing incarceration and the poverty that results from the loss of income when he’s no longer able to run his computer consulting business from home.

Unable to trust men, Tina feels like a freak. It’s not until she becomes friends with Frank, a gay artist in college that she begins to heal. They share the stigma of being different, of having been hated and abused by their families, and of having been ostracized by their peers. Frank’s roommate Peter, a psych major, finally has the patience to erode Tina’s walls and bring true, healthy love into her life.

It’s a shame such an important book was self-published. Once again I was dizzied by head-hops and dismayed by grammar errors. I was also somewhat distracted by author’s notes warning readers when the narrative was getting heavy, but I understood that was there for people who have lived through such abuse and may not be able to read those chapters at this time. Were I such a victim, I’m sure I’d have appreciated the heads’ ups.

I also believe that since the proceeds are going to charity, the author could raise the price. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind paying another dollar or two for a good cause.

Heat Rating:  R+
Length:  207 Pages
Digital Price:  $0.99

Thanks for visiting. Donna, Julie, & Rochelle

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