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Roses & Thorns

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Visual Effects by Joyce Holmes


Drey Winston is a fierce competitor who enjoys challenging her mind and body. But when it comes to her heart—no one ever gets close enough to compete for it. Having grown up believing she was an unwanted burden to her parents, she prefers to keep her feelings well hidden. Just when her hard-fought goals are finally within reach, the audacious Jesse Devlin comes along to breach her carefully guarded defenses.

After a disastrous marriage early in life, Jesse Devlin prefers strings-free relationships. Confident and outgoing, he gets along well with women, but his natural charm can’t seem to penetrate Drey Winston’s aloofness. While attempting to win her over, he’s the one who ends up losing his heart.

Can this commitment-phobic bachelor convince the stubbornly independent woman he loves that his feelings—and hers—are the real deal?

About the Author:

Joyce Holmes lives with her husband and very small dog in the beautiful Okanagan region of British Columbia. The award-winning author is happily living her dream of being a stay-at-home writer. Photography and blogging about her travels are two of her passions, along with visiting her kids and grandkids. When she’s not dreaming up stories in her head or planning her next great adventure, she’s off enjoying the great outdoors.

Joyce’s debut novel, Show No Weakness, won a 2012 RONE award and was a finalist in Chanticleer Book Reviews’ 2013 Chatelaine Blue Ribbon Writing Competition. It’s Complicated was a finalist in the 2015 RONE Awards.

You can contact her at or visit her website at


Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just romanced out. But about halfway through Visual Effects, I was in the car with my granddaughter, and I said, “I wish these people would just talk to each other and get on with it!” I guess past baggage isn’t quite enough conflict for me anymore.

Yes, Ms. Holmes doled out the information in a way that gave Jesse and Drey reasons not to talk to each other. Just as Jesse was about to say something, Drey had to leave town. When another issue cropped up, Drey learned something about Jesse’s past that caused her to decide she couldn’t talk to him. The book went back and forth that way for over two-hundred pages with one misunderstanding piling on top of another. It should have been riveting.

As I said, maybe it’s me. I’ve been struggling with depression and just had one of my bi-polar meds adjusted. Visual Effects was one of the last books I read before that adjustment. YMMV. It really wasn’t a bad book, and if I’d read it at a different time, I might have had a better take on it. I’m sorry you fell into my black hole, Ms. Holmes. Maybe you should read the book yourselves and see how you feel about it.

Heat Rating:  R
Length:  257 Pages
Print:  $16.99
Digital:  $5.99

You’ll notice we always include the publisher’s buy link. That’s because authors usually receive 40-50% of the net proceeds from the publisher. Editors and cover artists usually receive about 5%. When you buy a book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another third-party vendor, they take a hefty cut and the author, editors and cover artists receive their cuts from what is left. So, if a book costs $5.99 at E-Book and you buy from there, the author will receive about $2.40-$2.99. If you buy the book at Amazon, the author will receive about $1.70-$2.10.

Download the file from the publisher onto your computer as you would any other file. I’ve created a folder for books on my computer, with subfolders by source (Marketing for Romance Writers, Net Galley, Authors who find me on Kindle lists, etc.). That way, if there’s a glitch with your Kindle, the books are on your computer. Some publishers send books in all digital formats. If my Kindle breaks and my kids buy me a Nook, I won’t have to replace all of my books. If you have a Kindle and your hubby has a Nook, you won’t have to buy separate copies, so buying directly from the publisher can save you money.

Moving the file from your computer to your e-reader is as easy as transferring any file from your computer to a USB flash drive. Plug the larger USB end of your e-reader charging chord into a USB port on your computer and simply move the file from the folder into which you’ve downloaded the book to Documents/Books directory on your e-reader. You can move the file by highlighting it and dragging it to the documents directory in you Kindle you want to move it to. Or right click on it, and then left click copy or move. Or hit Control/C for copy, Control/X for cut, and Control/V for paste.

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