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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Second Coming A Love Story by Scott Pinkster


Two men claim to be the Second Coming of Christ. Each claims the other is Satan in disguise. But only one is telling the truth.

In The Second Coming: A Love Story, the devilish new novel by Scott Pinsker, the culture war between Red America and Blue America turns shockingly real when two self-declared saviors appear on earth. The first “messiah” attracts legions of liberal and secular-progressive followers with his message of New Age brotherhood, quickly becoming the darling of the left. The second “messiah” preaches fire-and-brimstone traditional Christianity, gaining a grassroots army of conservative worshipers ready to battle to the death.

It’s finally happened: Red America and Blue America are headed for Armageddon!

Review by Rochelle Weber:

When Mr. Pinkster first offered The Second Coming: A Love Story to me to review, I had some qualms about it.  It’s not that as a Pagan I don’t know the Bible or the stories related to Christ’s return and the Anti Christ.  It was more of a case of “been there; done that; don’t wanna be preached at.”  But I was assured the book wasn’t preachy, so I accepted it.  Warning:  die-hard Christians would probably be scandalized.  It reminded me of a rock song a few years back that asked, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Would you know Christ if He was on the bus like one of us?”  I’m betting most of us wouldn’t.

The Second Coming: A Love Story is really kind of a hoot.  The two entities claiming to be Christ are each rather humble, self-effacing men who recruit followers with names one can certainly relate to Biblical figures.  So is it the one who lives on the beach and whose disciples include Margaret Madala and Peter the Bum?  Or the one who appears in Washington, DC, and recruits the gay speech writer David and his partner Michael?  Is it the one who preaches Old Testament fire and brimstone?  Or the one who says, “All you have to do is leave the world a holier place than it was when you arrived here”?  Mr. Pinkster kept me guessing.  In fact, the book ended and I’m still not sure which one it was, because Mr. Pinkster used a ploy that is one of my pet peeves.  He ended the book with a cliff-hanger.  Apparently this is part of a series, and I’ll have to buy at least one more book to learn which one is the real Christ, and which is the Anti Christ.

Mr. Pinkster could also use a better line editor.  I found a few glaring grammar issues.  Well, glaring to a grammar Nazi like me, anyway.

Overall, it was a good book.  In fact, it was a much better read than I expected.  I would definitely recommend it, but only if you have an open mind and can take a joke.  I mean, really—would you know Christ if you met Him on a bus?  How about if He was pan-handling and said He was hungry and you had a couple extra bucks?  Would you take Him into Micky D’s and buy Him a burger and fries?  If He was selling a paper the homeless sell to get back on their feet would you buy a copy or tell Him to “Get a job.”?  I actually heard a yuppie say that to a guy selling Streetwise in Chicago.  As far as I’m concerned, selling a newspaper is a lot more honest than selling stocks or hog futures.  You pay a dollar and you have a product in your hand that will still be worth a dollar tomorrow.  But, I digress.  You’ll enjoy Second Coming: A Love Story.

Length:  238 Pages
Print:  $16.00
Digital:  $3.16

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