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Roses & Thorns

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Skeletal Mosaic by Marykay Gaines


Max’s touch soothed her anxious feelings.  “I’m enjoying your company, Max,” she purred.

He gave her a mischievous grin.  “I want to skip over the years and just hug you for zooming to visit me in Central America.”

“Okay,” she nuzzled up against his chest. . . the embrace unleashed their passion to anesthetize their earlier fright.  They showered each other with kisses.

“Max, Max. . .” she let his name burst excitedly into the drone of the waves.

Review by Rose Thornton:

Skeletal Mosaic by MaryKay Gaines is a story of romance in a romantic setting. It has an interesting plot, but is somewhat slow-moving with little descriptive color to the plot. Ms. Gaines made a good effort, but misses the mark for me because I was distracted by the unnatural dialogue between her characters, which many times were too wordy and stiff to be realistic. This book also has far too many typographical errors, which also prevented full immersion into her characters. It needed a good proof-reading editor. To her credit, Ms. Gaines incorporates a nice surprise ending, allowing me as the reader to finish her book on a positive note.

I don’t recommend this particular book, but I do believe this author has potential for a future in writing and I would not mind reading her again after some time for her to hone her skills for developing characters and a strong plot line.

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Length:   195 Pages

Print:  $11.35
Digital:  N/A

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