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Roses & Thorns

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hidden Assets: Stories Behind the Throne by Dori Hutson


An irreverent illustrated history of the potty—

There is one common denominator we all share: the poor, the wealthy, even royalty. We must all use the john. In this unusual book of whimsical illustration and outrageous information you’ll be “privy” to much about this delicate subject.

It serves as historical (or “hysterical”) reference material for those who want to know more about the beginnings of the lowly john. Here you’ll find facts about toilet facilities in ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, England, Ireland, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Japan…to name a phew. But even more delightful than the particular details are the comical drawings depicting outhouses through the years.

Review by Rose Thornton:

Another funny—and quite informative—book! Any reader of Dori Hutson’s Hidden Assets will be delighted with this unorthodox look at one of life’s essentials—the toilet. Intriguing historical facts are the main theme, and interesting illustrations are included. This book is a quick and easy good read that comes as a free download—enjoy!

Length: 80 Pages


Print, Used: From $0.01

Digital: Free

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