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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crime in a Colorado Cave by Bob Schaller


Ashley and Adam are excited to be in Colorado where they can explore caves during their family vacation. While exploring the Cave of the Winds, they become enmeshed in a theft that involves half a million dollars' worth of gold crystals. Although Mom and Dad Arlington fear their children are in over their heads, the teenagers proceed to look for clues to the mystery. The reader follows them through several well-known spots in Colorado as they search for the thieves. When the police finally close in on the thieves, the Arlingtons think the mystery has been solved, but it has just begun.

Review by Rose Thornton:

Crime in a Colorado Cave  is light fiction; a mystery novel entailing burglary and fraud.  It was billed by the author, Bob Schaller, as a “young adult” level, which is one reason I chose it. I like to sample what young adults are reading from time to time, and I am usually pleasantly surprised.  While reading the book, however, I realized it was not what I would consider “young adult” level. I then discovered the site for buying the book had it labeled as “children’s literature.”  In my opinion, this book is somewhere in-between those two levels; I would suggest it as most appropriate for 7th to 9th grade readers. Although it was not really what I expected, it was well-written and interesting.  Schaller has a knack for tying together strings of non-credible, but intriguing, coincidences and making it work well for the overall plot. His technique was engaging and admirable.  I didn’t find this to be one of the greatest books overall, but I can recommend it as one I think the younger reader will find enjoyable.

Length:  126 Pages
Print Price: $7.69
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