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Roses & Thorns

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

In the Shadow of David (The Secret Rebellion, Book One) by Martin Baggen


A young, rightful queen returns from exile to her homeland. Her mission is to reclaim her country from the grip of an oppressive foreign occupation. To achieve her goal, she must find a king. Her quest leads to a charismatic and gifted man who possesses the ability to help her lead a nation to freedom. But the mission comes at a cost greater than anyone can predict, and the misunderstood legacy of their secret rebellion will endure for thousands of years. A failed political movement that gave birth to a new religion.

About the Author:

Born and raised in the remote island community of Sitka, Alaska, Martin Baggen had to rely on his imagination to prevent the rainy isolation from stifling creativity. Baggen has produced a substantial catalog of original music. As a first-time author, “why not re-imagine one of the greatest stories of humankind?” And so began the creation of In The Shadow Of David: The Secret Rebellion.

A media producer and consultant by trade, Baggen resides in the Pacific Northwest and frequently travels back to his hometown in Alaska.

The next step in the literary/entertainment arena for Baggen is the adaptation and production of his current novel as a motion picture and a possible sequel to the book as well.


I once vowed never to review a book without finishing it, and that still applies when the problem is that I’m not sure I like the protagonist, or some of the plot elements bother me. There’s always the possibility something at the end will redeem the book. But when the problem is bad grammar and bad writing, that’s just not going to improve.

When I want to throw my Kindle across the room because of sentence fragments and mismatched tenses, that’s not likely to get better, and it’s not worth my time reading the book. Especially if it didn’t grab me in the first place. In the Shadow of David failed to grab me, and is poorly written. Don’t bother.

Warnings:  N/A
Length:  211 Pages
Digital Price:  $9.99

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