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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hineni Here I Am by Marshall Schoenke


If you were to look around you, and I mean really open your eyes and look around, a revolutionary change is being prayed for before we destroy this world.

Jesus is back and he is willing to jeopardize his life again, to be laughed at, spit upon, tortured, imprisoned, rejected, and murdered—again.

He wants you to know you are just as loved as he is, and he is not returning to be worshipped.

The Reality is Jesus has returned to Destroy death, as is the full prophecy of Immanuel found in Isaiah from the Oldest known remnants of ancient Hebrew Scriptures. Just who could this be who has known the oldest priesthood of the one and only Most High God Before Abraham?

Peace be upon you.

About the Author:

Marshall Schoenke is a musician/carpenter from Wildwood, Illinois who has had some startling spiritual revelations. He comes from a large religious family, and is married with two daughters, one step-daughter, and a granddaughter who has him wrapped around her pudgy little finger. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Lake County, Illinois with their dog, Amonte and cat, Amoshi.


Again, I realize editors should not review the books they work on. But this one was just too fascinating to pass up.

A few years ago there was a pop song that started out, “What if God was one of us? Just a slob riding on a bus…” What’s really funny is that I’ve reviewed quite a few apocalyptic novels lately. What’s not funny is that this man really believes he’s the reincarnation of Jesus.

Hineni Here I Am is a thought-provoking book, to say the least. Mr. Schoenke tells his autobiography. He claims to remember the moment of his conception. Not so much gestation, and the story of his birth is told more from the memories of his parents than a first-person account (thank goodness!). He tells anecdotes of his childhood like the time he pulled his baby brother out of the crib, propped him up with a bunch of stuffed toys and proceeded to give them Communion. When his mother, aunt and grandma questioned him, he told them he was going to be the “top dog priest.” Another time, when serving as an altar boy, Mr. Schoenke was shocked to learn the youngest child of a family he was close to was being buried. He became hysterical, sure he could raise the child from the dead. He could always feel other people’s pain, and never understood why.

In fact, Mr. Schoenke didn’t understand much of what was happening to him until a wasp stung him and he coded. Most people go to the light and see deceased love ones. Mr. Schoenke saw three globes of blindingly bright blue-white light and heard music emanating from them. One came forward and said, “Welcome home, Jesus. You’ve done well.”

Up to that point, all he’d done was write a few songs with spiritual lyrics. He felt he had a lot more to do and said so. The Mother retreated, and a deep, masculine voice emanated from the center globe. “So mote it be. You may return.” When he returned to the room, he hovered over his body. The paramedics had already called time of death and were packing up. One had a breathing bag just sitting on his face. Mr. Schoenke returned to his body and moved his arm to get the guy with the bag to help him start breathing again. He suffered no brain damage.

That is just the beginning of Mr. Schoenke’s journey. He states he is not here to be worshipped, and that was not the message he was spreading the first time he was here, either. Actually, he confirms many of my beliefs about Jesus Christ, what his ministry was originally about, and how it got garbled as it came down to modern Christians. To be honest, in light of my own beliefs, I can’t completely dismiss the man’s claims. But I can’t completely accept them either. Nor does he want money.

Hineni Here I Am is clearly not written by a professional author. Mr. Schoenke even apologizes to me in the acknowledgments for not always taking my advice. (We did some wrangling, and a lot of my comments ended up being “Argh!” But it’s his book.) If you want something to think about with entertaining moments, I highly recommend Hineni Here I Am.

Author Website:
Heat Rating:  G
Length:  387 Pages
Print:  $15.99
Digital:  $2.99
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