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Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Killer Closet by Paula Paul


Irene Seligman has to quit her job as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan to return to her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, when her irascible mother divorces her fifth husband and needs Irene’s help.

Irene opens a haute couture consignment store in Santa Fe and finds a dead woman in her closet on the store’s opening day. This not the old Santa Fe of her childhood.

About the Author:

Paula Griffith Paul was born on her grandparents’ cotton farm near Shallowater, Texas, and graduated from a country high school near Maple, Texas. She earned a B.A. in journalism and has worked as a reporter for newspapers in both Texas and New Mexico. She’s been the recipient of state and national awards for her work as a journalist.

She is also an award-winning novelist. Her most current novel, Crazy Quilt, is her first literary novel. One third of the royalties will go to cancer research.


It’s a shame when bad editing ruins a good book. A Killer Closet is a fun cozy mystery that grabbed me on the first page, but it was marred by bad editing.

When Irene Seligman gives up her job as an assistant DA in Manhattan and moves home to help her mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she plans to open a haute couture resale shop. Her plans go awry, however, when she finds the body of one of her mother’s friends on the floor of her storeroom on opening day. Since her store is a crime scene, she has to push back the opening. Yet the next day when she finally opens, the sheriff takes her to lunch, and then says he’s sorry she had to open a few hours late. What happened to the day in between?

A Killer Closet is rife with similar consistency glitches. Ms. Paul seems to have had difficulty keeping track of the timeline in her book, and none of the high-paid editors at Alibi Publishing, the digital division of Random House managed to catch the trend. I received A Killer Closet from Net Galley, and I can only give it three roses. Again, such a shame.

Author Website:
Warnings:  Mild Violence
Length:  184 Pages
Digital Price:  $3.99

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