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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Temporarily Insane by Vicki Batman @VickiBatman #Contemporary #HumorousRomance #RomCom

The Plot:

No man. Bad job. And Murder. Hattie Cooks is still searching for her dream job, and one might be available—in the Big Apple, far from friends, family, and Allan Wellborn, the man who still makes her heart race. In the meantime, she finds temporary employment at an accounting firm where two auditor friends turn up dead.

Detective Allan Wellborn dropped Hattie for Blonde Bimbo who, coincidentally, is employed at NLB where fishy things are taking place. When Allan interviews Hattie, he must determine why all signs point to her as a suspect.

Can Hattie discover why Allan dumped her and who is murdering auditors before death strikes again?

About the Author:

Award-winning author Vicki Batman has sold many romantic comedy works to the True Magazines, several publishers, and most recently, two romantic comedy mysteries to The Wild Rose Press. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and several writing groups. Ms. Batman is an avid Jazzerciser, handbag lover, mahjong player, yoga practioner, movie fan, book devourer, cat fancier, best mom ever, And, she adores Handsome Hubby.

Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard thinking, What if?


Anyone who follows this blog knows I’m a longtime fan of Ms. Batman. I loved the first Hattie Cooks Mystery, Temporarily Employed, and the second book, Temporarily Insane, does not disappoint.

I have to say, though, I would not want to share a temp assignment with Hattie. She’s had two so far, and people got killed at both. I’m beginning to think maybe she’s a jinx. First, she worked at a car insurance company, and people got killed. Now they’re dropping like flies at the accounting firm where she works. Nope, I think maybe Hattie should become a writer. It’s a nice, solitary job.

But that wouldn’t be any fun for those of us who love to read about her escapades—and those of her fun-sisters, her family, and of course, her favorite detective (when he’s not dating Blonde Bimbo) Allan Wellborn.

Wow—two choking hazards in a row. You’d think I’d have lost weight. Since my twin addictions are reading and eating, fortunately, I’ve gotten good at Hiemliching myself. This is another book you have to buy! Just don’t eat or drink while you read it, unless you’re good at rescuing yourself when you laugh so hard you choke.

Warnings:  None
Length:  272 Pages
Print:  $16.99
Digital:  $5.99
Buy Link: 

You’ll notice we always include the publisher’s buy link. That’s because authors usually receive 40-50% of the net proceeds from the publisher. Editors and cover artists usually receive about 5%. When you buy a book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another third-party vendor, they take a hefty cut and the author, editors and cover artists receive their cuts from what is left. So, if a book costs $5.99 at E-Book and you buy from there, the author will receive about $2.40-$2.99. If you buy the book at Amazon, the author will receive about $1.70-$2.10.

Download the file from the publisher onto your computer as you would any other file. I’ve created a folder for books on my computer, with subfolders by source (Marketing for Romance Writers, Net Galley, Authors who find me on Kindle lists, etc.). That way, if there’s a glitch with your Kindle, the books are on your computer. Some publishers send books in all digital formats. If my Kindle breaks and my kids buy me a Nook, I won’t have to replace all of my books. If you have a Kindle and your hubby has a Nook, you won’t have to buy separate copies, so buying directly from the publisher can save you money.

Moving the file from your computer to your e-reader is as easy as transferring any file from your computer to a USB flash drive. Plug the larger USB end of your e-reader charging chord into a USB port on your computer and simply move the file from the folder into which you’ve downloaded the book to Documents/Books directory on your e-reader. You can move the file by highlighting it and dragging it to the documents directory in you Kindle you want to move it to. Or right click on it, and then left click copy or move. Or hit Control/C for copy, Control/X for cut, and Control/V for paste.

Your author will be happy you did when he/she sees his/her royalty statement.

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