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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Maxims of Robert E. Lee by Richard G. Williams, Jr.


Gen. Robert E. Lee, 1807-70, was renowned for his brilliant leadership during the Civil War; however, his genius extended far beyond the battlefield. All his life, he relied upon his faith for strength and guidance not only in troubled times, but also as the foundation upon which he based all of his dealings with others.

This volume contains his advice and observations, drawn from the great man’s own writings, on crucial topics such as education, duty, humility, and Christian faith—making this a valuable guide for today’s youth. Each section is preceded by a brief anecdote from his life, and each of the quotes is described with the time and circumstance.


The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen by Richard G. Williams, Jr. is an easy read with a heavy message, one appropriate to both genders although directed specifically to young men by Robert E. Lee. This is my favorite kind of ‘thinking’ read, written in clear and concise words and giving the reader tidbits of valuable information applicable to everyday life. I recommended it to all for its ability to remind the reader of the intangible assets life holds.

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Length:  127 Pages
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