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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Degrees of Strength by Craig Ross & Steven Vannoy


Improve performance, increase responsibility and accountability, build agile, capable teams, and do it with one quick read. What would you pay for greater responsibility and performance momentum within your team? Degrees of Strength shows you how. Short enough to read in one plane ride, your team will be inspired to solve the problems that have slowed success, even those tenacious ones that have plagued your team or family for years. This is a story rooted in the professional and personal life. A regional VP's job is on the line, and her family is, too. She needs to find a way to turn her team's performance around and has no money to throw at the problem. It's real. We've worked with these people. What follows is the struggle of change as her team fights with each other—and with themselves—to implement the new technique. In the end, they win more than they could have imagined.

Review by Rose Thornton:

When I first began reading Degrees of Strength by Craig Ross and Steven Vannoy, I considered it one of the most boring books I had ever picked up. I was intrigued by its title and blurb about a successful technique developed by Ross and Vannoy. However, the realization that an ability to invent a great technique does not automatically enable one with a great ability to write about it started to grasp my mind, and I struggled to stick with the book. However, something about it made me not want to give up on it, although it was awkward in its wordiness and slow in its movement. About half way through, the book took a turn, somewhat like happens to the progress toward success when the technique is used, and this book became well worth reading. I began to see ways I was already using this technique in my own life, and ways to further enforce its use in positive avenues. It’s underlying message is that every person is in control of their own actions and reactions through their own basic thinking processes, which come from either degrees of weakness or degrees of strength, and every person has the potential to choose to draw from the strengths and gain moments of acceleration toward success. I will recommend this book for everyone, especially those who need an injection of, “I am bigger than the circumstances in my life” from time to time.

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Length:   124 Pages

Print:  $14.62
Digital:  $8.95

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