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Roses & Thorns

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sex, Marry, Kill by Todd Travis


A geek. A fat chick. A slow learner. A psycho suicide girl. A wannabe criminal. Five outcast high school kids with nothing in common except that nobody liked them. Five losers with nothing to look forward to but torment and harassment every day; nothing, that is, until they were introduced to the game.

Sex, Marry, Kill.

An online game that would change their lives and give them power over others. They could do anything they wanted, sleep with anyone they wanted to, kill anyone who got in their way. Their every fantasy fulfilled. But at a mortal price. They soon discover that the game will consume and destroy them unless they find some way to stop it before it’s too late.

For fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill, a dark tale of horror, revenge and gaming gone lethally wrong.

Review by Julie Grimm:

I was so mad when I read the last chapter, I had to knock off a rose. I really would have given this book 5 roses if that last chapter had been left off. Todd Travis had the most perfect and thought provoking ending for Sex, Marry, Kill in the chapter before the last one, so there was no need for the last chapter to get tacked on.

Make sure you read the dedication before beginning your journey through this book. Anyone who has felt out of place and been bullied at school by students, teachers, principals, etc. will feel a connection, and that’s what will draw you into this story.

While on a school bus trip, five unpopular students are found by a dark character who lures them into playing an online game where they can get whatever they want. These kids have put up with so much from people in their lives who have let them down, so they have reason to want revenge. Just how much revenge do they want, and how far will they go? You’ll feel sorry for them, be angry with them, cheer for them and root for them to survive the game. But, will anyone survive, and will they be able to conquer the beast behind the history of the game?

You will really want to know.

Length: 290 Pages
Print: $9.89
Digital: $3.99

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