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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Booze at Breakfast by Catherine W. Scott


Booze at Breakfast is a family portrait of the disease of alcoholism. 

Stories take us to the heart of life’s deep truths, and this one hits us from all the characters’ perspectives—the abusive self-loathing alcoholic, his wife and the children’s experience, and especially his son, Peter. It is charmingly interspersed with an Irish neighbor’s spiritual wisdom and the youth priest’s friendship with the alcoholic’s wife and son. The redemption herein is hard-won, funny, and sweet. 

Engrossing, loving, and wise, this story will provide understanding for anyone who has puzzled about an alcoholic or his/her family’s choices and challenges.


Booze at Breakfast, by Catherine Scott, is, for the most part, a hard and honest look at what alcoholism does to a family.  Scott provides a comprehensive analysis of the family dynamics and individual struggles in novel form, and in a setting that intertwines several alcoholics.  I found this book to be very interesting and insightful. Every main alcoholic character was redeemed in the end, which I considered somewhat unrealistic.  The happy endings made for a pleasurable read overall, but I believe that revealing the harsh truth that in many cases the end brings only heartbreak and tragedy would have added more substance to the book.  I do recommend it as a good read, but with a note that there is often more to the story of alcoholism than what is portrayed within.

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Length:  155 Pages

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