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Roses & Thorns

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World’s Dumbest Crooks and Other True Tales of Bloopers, Botches & Blunders by Allan Zullo


It's unbelievable-some of the bird-brained things people have done. For example, there's the burglar who got caught-because he fell asleep on the job. The bank robbers who got arrested-because they accidentally locked themselves in the vault. The crook who broke into a glue factory-and was nabbed because he got glued to the floor. The man running for political office who lost by one vote-because he forgot to vote. This book is packed with stories that are ridiculous, outrageous-and true!


World’s Dumbest Crooks and Other True Tales of Bloopers, Botches & Blunders by Allan Zullo is a fun read I picked up for laughs. It’s important for me to do that once in a while because I generally read a variety of rather weighty materials. I especially enjoyed this book as an example of the humor found in real life situations. There is often no need for fabricated jokes when we can discover the comedy of odd human behaviors right around us. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants a light, easy read with lots of great laughs. It’s the kind of relaxing book you might read while sitting in the lobby of the doctor’s office—and if you tend to laugh out loud, you just might amuse others with your own human behavior.

Length:  96 Pages

Prices Print:  $3.99
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