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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Streetwise Mercy by Stella Graves


Sometimes you can’t press REWIND. Is FAST FORWARD an option?

Mercy Reynolds has a problem. She has a $30,000 scholarship but has to dumpster-dive for dinner.

And she’s exasperated. She has no trust for men. None. Zip. Nada. The last guy she wants helping her is Deacon. And he just had to be hot, didn’t he?

Deacon Morgan has preconceptions about homeless people. But Mercy Reynolds doesn’t fit them. She doesn’t fit the mold of any girl he’s ever known. What happens when the girl you want to help doesn’t want you to?

Too bad they both have pasts they’d rather keep buried deeply, and feelings they’d rather bury even deeper. Too bad they can’t change those pasts.


Mercy Reynolds hasn’t been on the streets long enough to become either streetwise or tough when she meets Deacon Morgan while dumpster diving for a meal behind his parents’ upscale Italian restaurant. She blew her full-ride scholarship/ticket-out-of-hell when she killed her step-brother fending him off the night he tried to rape her. Of course she knew her mother would take his side, so she ran away from home. A younger girl, Sage, takes Mercy under her wing and is showing her the ropes, but when Deacon steps out of the restaurant, Sage breaks her leg trying to escape. Deacon assumes the girls are sisters and decides to take them home until Sage’s leg heals, and help them since his parents are out of town.

Of course Mercy balks at his help. What if he discovers who she is and that she’s a murderer? What if he calls the cops on her? She can barely hold her own as a homeless person. How would she survive in prison? As her feelings for him grow, how could she face him if he knew what she’d done? And finally, who is the girl whose initials he’s carved on the tree by the pond? The one to whom he seems so devoted?

Streetwise Mercy held my attention throughout and kept me turning the pages. I kind of had a feeling about how it would end, but there were one or two twists that caught me by surprise. It’s a pretty good read. I definitely recommend it.

Length:  196 Pages
Price:  $2.99

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