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Roses & Thorns

Saturday, June 7, 2014

White Stripe, Dark Deeds by Stella Wilder


Can an immortal-possessed assassin accustomed to dealing in death and deception lower her defenses enough to work with a disowned deckhand and an urban denizen? Will dropping her guard lead to heartbreak and betrayal?

Yaz wants to be human again. Or dead. She pretty much doesn’t care which. Or didn’t care, until she met Sloan. One thing she sure as hell doesn’t want is to care for that freakin’ deckhand and that weird-ass brat from the ghetto with the white stripe in his head. Torn between what she wants to do and what she needs to do, she’s faced with choices. And consequences…

Sloan’s more than a deckhand on a charter boat. He’s on a mission, too. But damn if that sexy, cold-hearted bitch that throws knives wasn’t effing it up all the time. What he can’t figure out is why he’s helping her and how to keep her from finding out his own deepest and darkest. He derails his mission, his plan, his life for Yaz…

G-Mail doesn’t need much. Or so G thinks. Until meeting an assassin with the gift and skills G wants—the gift of immortality and the skill to kill. Can G trust the assassin when it’s time to reveal an identity and a secret, or will the assassin join the pile of bones G-Mail leaves in the past?

What happens when three forces converge on the hot and humid Houston docks? What happens when they travel back in time to a parallel past?


I hate the kind of time-travel books where the heroine goes back to the past, meets Prince Charming and stays in the medieval castle with no running water or electricity. Is she nuts? This is not that kind of time-travel. This is the sort of time-travel in which Yaz, the heroine goes back to her past to get answers and then returns to the present—back to the land of electricity and sophisticated plumbing. And the answers she gets in the past put her life and a few others into some very interesting perspective. Now if Ms. Wilder could learn to stay in one point-of-view in each scene, the book would be perfect.

Length:  187 Pages
Price:  $2.99

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