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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Witch Way to Mintwood by Addison Creek #AmateurSleuth, #Ghosts, #Humor

The Plot:

(Witch of Mintwood Book 1)

House falling down? Check. Pet sitting job with annoying clients? Check. Ability to speak to ghosts, which has the unfortunate side effect of having to listen to what they say back? Double check! Hot high school crush still in town being all successful and stuff while you protest his building projects? All kinds of checks! Did anyone say Witch of Mintwood? Yup! Just add murder and this will be a week to remember!

About the Author:

I was unable to find any info on this author. S/he has no bio, photo, website or social media presence.


Lemmie sees dead things—both people and animals. She speaks to them, too. Unfortunately, she also has to listen to them. Her grandmother was The Witch of Mintwood, and Lemmie inherited the title/job along with her grandma’s Victorian farmhouse and spacious yard. One of the ghosts in the yard blackmails her into checking on her great-great-granddaughter, who goes missing along with a family heirloom. Lemmie doesn’t even like the girl, but the ghostly grannie’s a handful. She doggedly pursues the case with the help of her best friends and roommates—Greer and Charlie, and Paws, the ghost cat, who her grandmother inherited along with the house.

Witch Way to Mintwood had me chuckling on the first page, and kept my attention to the end. I liked Lemmie, even though I didn’t learn her name until the sixth chapter. And I just now skimmed almost the entire rest of the book looking for her last name, but only a few people in the book seem to have last names, a notable one being Jasper Wolf, who makes Lemmie’s knees weak. However, her grandmother warned her to stay away from him, just as his grandfather issued a similar warning to him about her. I had questions about Jasper that were left unanswered.

Greer and Charlie have romantic sub-plots, but otherwise, the background characters could almost be painted on flats had this been written as a play. They’re pretty two-dimensional. Maybe that’s why Ms./Mr. Creek is completely invisible, with no website, Twitter account, or even an Amazon author page.

That said, I’ll probably buy the second book in the series. I still have those questions about Jasper Wolf.

Warnings:  None
Length:  189 Pages
Digital Price:  $0.99

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