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Roses & Thorns

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Wronged Princess by Kae Elle @kathylwheeler #CinderellaTale #Fantasy #Suspense

The Plot:

Finding his mysterious princess by trying her glass slipper on every maiden in Chalmers Kingdom sounded like a brilliant scheme until the silly thing slid quite easily on the foot of the wrong girl. Now how is Prince Charming supposed to find his true love? Unbeknownst to either, his mother, the queen, and her feisty twin (Cinderella’s infamous fairy godmother) have a lesson to impart—impulsive decisions do not a future king make!

About the Author:

I love sports—the NFL, the NBA… I hold season tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder. I love Broadway musicals, too. I have a BA in Management Information Systems and a vocal minor. I love travel, reading, writing, and just to round things out and scratch the singing itch—karaoke.


I just hate it when I read a book by a friend that’s poorly edited. Ms. Wheeler tells a really good story with a much more complex relationship between Ella and her sisters than the usual version of Cinderella. Her stepmother is still the scheming, social climber of the Grimm version, but she doesn’t have to lop off parts of her daughters’ feet to get the shoe to fit. Esmerelda and Cinderella used to swap shoes all the time before the Count died, when the girls were friends. Imagine both Cinderella and the Prince’s horror when the glass slipper slid right onto the wrong foot! And so, the fun begins.

As I said at the beginning, my problem with the book was the editing, or lack thereof. There were mixed tenses, misused words; in short, the grammar was terrible. It really is a shame, because Ms. Wheeler shows a deep knowledge of history and mythology, and her fractured fairy tale would be a great read with better grammar.

Warnings:  None
Length:  190 Pages
Print:  $9.99
Digital:  $0.99

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