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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Witch Got Your Tongue & A Peck of Pickled Warlocks #PNR @LiviaJWashburn

Witch Got Your Tongue

The Plot:

Aren McAllister is a beautiful but shy and withdrawn young woman who has battled a stuttering problem her entire life. But then, seemingly by accident, she discovers that she wields an incredible power: she is actually a witch and can cast potent spells—but only by singing them.

This discovery throws Aren into a dangerous power struggle between different factions in the society of witches who live among humans, unknown by them. And for the first time she encounters a romance that may change her life as much or more than the powers she never knew she had.

A Peck of Pickled Warlocks

She has been lied to her whole life. Her father is trapped in a hostile world, and it’s her fault. Her former lover is a warlock who can’t be trusted. Her only hope to put things right is a thousand-year-old talisman that once belonged to a handsome warrior who was also the most powerful warlock in all the land.

Aren McAllister, the tongue-tied witch, is back in A Peck of Pickled Warlocks. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Witch Got Your Tongue, Aren searches for a way to rescue her father from the other-worldly realm of the witches’ council. From the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast to the bright lights of Las Vegas to the dangerous depths of an abandoned silver mine.

About the Author:

Under the names Livia J. Washburn and L.J. Washburn, Livia Reasoner has been writing award-winning, critically acclaimed mystery, western, romance, and historical novels for almost thirty years. She began to write in collaboration with her husband, author James Reasoner, and soon branched out into telling her own stories.

In addition to writing, Livia enjoys photography, arts, crafts, and cooking, but she also loves having a pile of lumber, a circular saw, and a building project. An accomplished carpenter, she has framed houses and built more sets of bookshelves than she can remember, some of which have been filled with the books she’s written. A good day for her includes having time to create something new in the kitchen, on a story, and in the garage.

Livia lives in the Texas countryside with her husband, and her dogs. Her websites can be found at, and she blogs when she can find the time at


Again, I've reviewed two books in a series together because they simply need to be read that way. I greatly enjoy humorous books, and these did not disappoint. All her life, Aren has stuttered, and has felt inferior to her brother, the warlock her parents always wanted. Little did she know why she stuttered, or why she never really sang around the house, in the shower, or along with the radio when she drove. Then her temp agency sends her to an “entertainment” agency on Halloween, and she finds herself wearing a skimpy witch costume, singing a telegram that sounds kind of like a curse. She’s even more shocked when the man to whom she sang the curse shows up at the agency complaining it worked.

The only problem I had with both books was stilted dialog, and Witch Got Your Tongue had a cliff-hanger ending. I suggest buying both Witch… and A Peck of Pickled Warlocks together so you can go straight from one to the other. And both books come with a warning: choking hazard. You will laugh. A lot. Also set aside a good block of time. You won’t be able to put them down.

Warnings:  None
Witch Got Your Tongue:  152 Pages
A Peck of Pickled Warlocks:  254 Pages
Witch Got Your Tongue:
Print:  $8.99
Digital:  $2.99
A Peck of Pickled Warlocks:
Digital Price:  $2.99

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Witch Got Your Tongue:
A Peck of Pickled Warlocks:

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