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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Eye of the Storme by W. L. Ripley


A young co-ed is raped by a country music legend in Branson, the “NashVegas” of Missouri. Ignored by the police, she turns to TV newswoman Sandy Collingsworth for help. Sandy’s investigation stirs up a hornet’s nest of corruption and crime, putting her in the mob’s crosshairs—something her boyfriend Wyatt Storme, a freelance troubleshooter, won’t abide. Storme rolls into Branson like a hurricane with his buddy Chick Easton, an unhinged ex-CIA operative, to settle the score with his own brand of justice.

The third novel in the acclaimed Wyatt Storme series. Previously published under the title Electric Country Roulette.

About the Author:

W. L. Ripley is the critically-acclaimed author of the Cole Springer and Wyatt Storme mysteries. The author is a former college basketball coach and retired educator.

Ripley lives in Western Missouri with his wife, Penny, and their small army of dogs. He is a loving father and very proud grandfather.

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Eye of the Storme grabbed me on page one and wouldn’t let me go. Nor did it let me figure out exactly “whodunit” at the beginning or half-way through. I found out who all the players were when Mr. Ripley wanted me to know. For this writer/editor/reviewer, that’s a rare treat. Another rare treat is picking up book three in a series and not feeling lost, not to mention finishing the book and feeling fulfilled. Oh, yes, I’d enjoy going back to the beginning of the Storme mysteries. And I’d love to know what’s next for Wyatt Storme and his cronies. If I were in real trouble, I’d definitely want them on my side. But Eye of the Storme had a beginning, a middle and an end—no cliffhanger! Thank you, Mr. Ripley, for writing well enough to be able to create a series that makes readers want to “keep coming back” without leaving your books unfinished.

For a great page-burning read, by all means, check out Eye of the Storme.

Heat Rating:  PG-13
Length:  259 Pages
Print:  $12.99
Digital:  $2.99

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