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Roses & Thorns

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Escape: Alliance, Book One by Inna Hardison


What if everything you knew about the world around you was a lie, and the very people you were taught to fear were your salvation, your escape?

Meet Amelia, raised in the safety of a Replenisher compound, a protectorate for the few Alliance females who can bear children. In two months, she will have to choose a mate and begin her duties, except it doesn’t happen like that.

When she witnesses a Zoriner boy fall over the wall of the compound, the very wall designed to keep those like her safe from those like him, the injured boy becomes her burden and maybe, if she lets him, her escape from the life she is meant to have, and the key to unraveling the many secrets and lies on both sides of this conflict and each other. This is the very beginning of her journey.

About the Author:

Inna Hardison lives in a small coastal town on the Atlantic with her husband, two boys and two adopted pit mutts. When she is not writing, she is most likely reading something.

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First, as anyone who follows this blog knows, I hate cliffhangers. I guess I should just accept that young adult books are going to end with them. Today’s youth apparently don’t have the attention span for authors to be sure they’ll buy the rest of the series if each book is able to stand alone.

Escape had an okay plot, but it really needed an editor. The tenses were all over the place. A sentence would start out in past tense, and then switch to present. It drove me nuts. The only reason I gave Escape any roses at all is that the characters engaged me enough to keep me going past the first chapter or so despite the writing. The plot seemed to drag, and wasn’t exactly a page-burner. And as another reviewer pointed out, the actual escape scene is missing. One minute the kids are in the Replenisher compound, and the next they’re in the forest on the run. Just how did they get out?

If I hadn’t cared about the characters, I’d have cut my losses, moved to the next book on my list, and given this one thorn. I really can’t recommend it—not even for young adults. They don’t need to read a book that switches tenses haphazardly and get the idea that’s okay.

Author Website:
Heat Rating:  PG-Violence
Length:  230 Pages
Print:  $9.99
Digital:  $3.99

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