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Roses & Thorns

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Golden Mouse by Mike Dixon


Vultures gather around creatures in distress: old Aboriginal saying.

Kate Bromley worried about her parents and the strange people that had gathered around them. Being a member of a banking family is hazardous when the bank is on the skids. There are rich pickings and it is difficult to tell friend from foe.

When she was a little girl, Kate was told that money grew on trees. That was a way of hiding the truth. Money is created by banks and floats around in cyberspace as trillions of dollars are traded every day.

That leaves room for a lot of skulduggery.

Money can be created and destroyed at the click of a mouse: a computer mouse. Her father talked about his. He called it the Golden Mouse and said it could work wonders. Kate thought he was joking. Then she realized it was no joke. Father was clicking away furiously and putting the entire family at risk.

One day, she was on a survival trek in the Scottish Highlands with her university friends. The next, she was fleeing for her life.

Hansen Files: The Golden Mouse is the third book in the Hansen Files series and can be read without reference to the others.

About the Author:

I either started off on the wrong foot or I'm the legendary rolling stone. Normally, a degree in astrophysics does not lead to a stint in Parliament House, public relations and the diving industry but that's what happened to me.

My varied life has provided a lot of background material for my novels.

Review by Rochelle:

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review. First, I’d like to thank Mr. Dixon for writing a series in which each book can stand alone. As many of you know, I hate cliff-hangers.

The Bromley family once owned one of the largest banks in England, but went out of business except for one branch in the Cayman Islands, and a few loyal business clients. As Kate Bromley learns when her father abruptly calls her to join him in Australia, not all of those clients are exactly, um, squeaky clean. Now she and her father are running for their lives across the Australian Outback, and she’s not sure whether the MI-5 agents chasing them are there to help her dad or arrest him.

This book would make a great movie. I could almost envision the wonderful sun-rises and –sets, and the great underwater diving scenes, spanning both Britain and Australia. It has action, adventure, alpha heroes and feisty heroines in two generations. The pacing is great. It was a page-burner that kept me up all night. A movie audience would forget to breathe. There were even details about Aboriginal tribes that live in remote valleys in Papua, New Guinea and still respect ancestral practices.

Heat Rating:  PG
Length:  300 Pages
Print:  $9.50
Digital:  $0.99

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